A veteran SXSW-goer knows that it’s almost pointless to buy a badge or wristband during SXSW. Not when there’s WAY too much fun to be had going to the FREE parties. The only caveat is that you must rsvp for each one. So here’s your strategy:

(1) Get a new email address, just for this week. I recommend Gmail or hotmail. You never want to use your REAL email address when rsvp-ing, or you’ll never see the end of it.

Also though some companies are now getting wise and insisting that you link to their Facebook app which automatically gives them limitless access to your account. In that case (2) Remember to go back to your Facebook account and purge all the SXSW apps and hanger-ons that might interfere with your precious music listening time when you get home.

(3) Rent a bike, and buy a small over the shoulder bag to hold your things. Trust me you don’t want to get stuck parking downtown during the music fest, and moreover you’ll need the flexibility that riding a bike brings. The bag is extra to hold your jacket for later that night, plus camera, or stash (Whatever that may be).

(4) RSVP to anything listed below and pick up your confirmation as soon as possible. Seriously. Starting with the all week items. You’ll need to lock down at least one of these multi day parties as a place to meet up with friends from day to day, guaranteeing some small bit of entertainment along with free alcohol and food.

I rate the events by the following, ** and will be updating this list on the fly.


- the FADER Fort : RSVP

- The Purevolume House : RSVP

- FILTER Magazine Party : RSVP

- The W Hotel Austin : RSVP

Monday March 14th

TV on the Radio & Sleigh Bells – 9pm-1am :  RSVP

Tuesday March 15th

- Soul Around the World (I’ll be there on the decks at 1am) : RSVP

Wednesday March 16th

- 7pm-2am: Nightshifters SXSW ShowcaseRSVP

- 8pm-2am: U-Tern, Smalltown DJs, Eleven, and more | RSVP

- 11:30am-6pm: All Saints Party w/ Friendly Fires | RSVP

- 4pm-9pm : Jester King Brewery

Thursday March 17th

- 1pm-2am: Creme De La Creme | RVSP with open bar
- 5pm-2am: Showdown at SXSW | RSVP Not Needed
- 7pm-2am: Two Sevens Clash | RSVP
- 8pm-2am: Rappers I Know | RSVP
- 9pm-2am: Digital Freshness | RSVP

Friday March 18th

- 10:45 pm : Zeale 32 @ SXSW Event Showcase The Marq 422 Congress Avenue, Wristbands or Cover

- 7:30pm-late : Fools Gold Show at the Austin Beauty Bar (A-Trak, etc..)

- 6pm-2am : Lawn party with !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Saturday March 19th

- Rachel Ray’s BBQ at Stubbs : RSVP

- Trouble & Bass Party : RSVP

- Red Bull Thre3Style All-Star Showcase : RSVP & here

So — What other parties do you recommend?

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